Thursday, September 26, 2013

What to wear this fall winter 2014 - main trends

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Winter 2013 2014 comes with new trends, comfortable and extremely chic clothes and trends are different enough that any fashion lover to choose your favorite style. Mass market stores have already begun to fill windows with clothes that are worn in the fall , so do not just have to choose what suits you and go to shopping. Here are the main trends of autumn.

Punk style

Tartan, leather, pleated skirts, studs, belts, metal accessories, lace boots, leggings and boots over the knee. Punk style is highly branched, so you can get exactly the items that you favor. Opt for the land dominated by black, if you want a punk-rock look or choose tartan pleated skirts and leggings over knee but if you prefer a punk look with playful accents.

Leather clothes
Leather has always been a preferred material in winter, but only for a few years, in addition to leather jackets have been gaining ground and other clothes. In 2013, look for dresses, skirts and tops leather. If it fits your style, try an all leather outfit, but if such a look is too much for you, one article of leather combines with other materials.

This fall is wearing: influences male
Coats male

Increasingly lend menswear collections feminine elements. After the boyfriend's jeans, men's classic shirts, boots or hats, came now turn to enter the masculine coats women's fashion. Wear oversized coats with delicate clothing items. The most popular such coats are classic shades, but if you want a more spectacular look, you can search for a pattern in a strong color that will stand out.

This fall is wearing: elegant style

Retro Mid-Century
Elegance Fall 2013 brings '40s feminine pieces, chic, full of refinement. The focus is on highlighting the silhouette, so we find in equestrian fashion and hence in stores, midi skirts wide, arched suits, stylish suits, overcoats accentuate shoulders flared dresses with straps contrasting colors delicate and feminine clothes. Almost every woman is the advantage of such clothes, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of new trends.

Stylish jackets

Inspired by the elegant smoking jackets men are one of the most sensual and stylish trends this season. Most designers have opted for a classic look, in shades of black or very dark navy and precious metals. Obviously, these jackets look perfect outfits evening with skirts or trousers, but you can inspire and the proposals of fashion houses and try to combine them with leather pants or other contrasting pieces.

This fall is wearing: black spots

Pastel Jackets

Up until this year, autumn streets are filled with sad and dark colors in 2013 things changed. This fall is wearing bright colors and some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing in unexpected shades are jackets and coats. Pink, lime, orange faded, blue or purple - these are the most popular colors for warm clothes in 2013, regardless of cut, fabric and style them.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nail colors for fall winter 2014

For the fall winter it is time to find the latest trends in nail color. Every year there are certain colors of nail polish to come forward to put their mark on our look. Although in general colors change for each season in part, experts say some months remain fashionable no matter where you are.

For the manicure is extremely important repezentand card of any woman we thought you prepare a list of the most interesting nail polish colors for winter of 2013 2014. Here they are:


Most often when we think of metal polishes come to mind just shades of gold, silver and bronze. But it is time to broaden our horizons a bit when it comes to nail polish metallic.

The effect will be more spectacular if you choose to paint your nails in a shade with golden or silver metal accents in various shades. You'll get a manicure sophisticated and extravagant. Experts recommend you opt relentlessly for gold or silver nail polish with reflections navy blue, dark green or purple.

Nail polish in shades of purple

Purple in all its shades will always express elegance, opulence and luxury. So whatever you do, do not miss this year a manicure with purple nail polish! It is an ideal color for all seasons, the right splash of color to dreary days of fall. You can even turn to purple with metallic, purple and gold combination is considered one of the most sophisticated shades of nail polish.

Shades of yellow lime

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From neon color trend, popular forces remained yellow lime. Although it is a bold nail color, yellow lime fits well with your outfits specific cold season. Manicure in bright shades of yellow it gives an air of chic and modern.

Wear nail polish yellow lime daytime to a monochromatic outfit, giving a splash of color to your entire look. For millions effect, carries a purse or a pair of shoes in the same shade of yellow that is found on your nails!

Raspberry-colored nail polish

Here there is a trend for eternal romantic, loving the color pink. Ripe berries will give you shade on the one hand that touch of elegance and femininity of careorice woman needs, but also a slightly childish and romantic air.

If you are among the women who prefer darker nail polish shades, deep and bold, opt for the color of ripe raspberries. This shade is one of the stars of Dior nail polish collections for 2013, so it feels like a model on the catwalk!

Black nail polish

Black nail polish will always be trendy because that denotes elegance. A black manicure is not much just a symbol or teenagers rebel rockers who painted their nails in dark shades just to attract attention. Now black nail polish is worn even by the most stylish celebrities hollywodiene, so do not hesitate to paint their nails so.

If you won you punk who stormed the fashion runways this season, and you then use black nail polish, designed to give you that edgy accent specific to punk style.

Colors nail polish in nude

Nude shades are ideal for people who want a minimalist manicure. Occasionally give the strong nail polish colors or choose the dramatic and classic ones, neutral. Especially this kind of shades never out of fashion.

Choose nude color suitable for your skin. When you choose a nude nail polish that compliments your skin tone and complete, your hands will get a more youthful appearance, and your fingers will seem much longer and more elegant. Nude nail polish has the advantage that it can be worn for any occasion, no matter the season.

Nail polish in shades of orange

Be in tune with autumnal landscape, wearing an orange nail polish, like foliage that littered the pavement. Orange was one of the colors this summer, now it looks like he found a look on Femi anoint everywhere. Specialists in beauty but also fashion critics who are paying attention to the smallest details of a look, including manicures, nail recommend orange for a bold look.

Following our advice about trends in nail color for winter, you will definitely be able to arouse admiration by your perfect manicure!

What color nail polish do you prefer?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Skirts for fall winter 2014 2015. Find out what to wear

Skirts this fall impress with elegance and femininity. Most designers have proposed price trend for any occasion, described by simple lines, the novelty being offered by their length. Retrieved and short skirts or very long, but midi skirts above the knee or just above the knee are the fashion monopolize. If length is a common factor, their cut describes various models of the new peplum, the sensual slit, the lines in A spent skirts. Trends in skirts in the fall of 2013 winter 2014 , delight in that it failed to show the modern woman, strong, independent and attractive.

For fall 2013 wear midi skirts

Slightly puffed, midi skirts this fall are best integrated casual-chic in the field and office. Thus, they are a versatile wardrobe piece, not only because they can blend easily, and for failing to compliment any figure and thin waist, especially if you accessorize with a belt. In addition, their length allows you to wear them with or without heels, ankles emphasizing line, contrasting with large circumference of the lower part of the skirt. In terms of materials, we offer designers the hardest, forming large folds and allow cut in A: taffeta, velvet, brocade, suede, leather or cotton ribbed.

Pencil skirts

Sensual and tailored to highlight feminine curves cat, pen skirts maintain their leading position in many seasons where designers preferences. This fall pen skirts have high waist, colors and prints great and fit perfectly in an office environment or in a cocktail. The materials most used for winter are cloth, tercot, dock, and striped and skin. For them to meet their goals and to draw a line hourglass figure, to be worn with heels thin and effectively illustrating the idea of ​​femininity.

In recent seasons invaded peplum fashion, and I found especially in the dresses and blouses, positioned around the waist. Behold, this fall we have a novelty can only enchant us with the touch of femininity and originality: peplum type steering wheel is now placed in the bottom of the pen-type skirts, and more. The result? An interesting show of feminine power that surrounds knees, emphasizing line delicate legs and ankles.

Leather skirts

As we already know, in winter the skin becomes favorite designers, each public offering creations of this material. This fall, more than ever, we find skirts cut skin. Thus, we will enjoy short skirts and sensual, midi or maxi skirts in A or line patterns that follow thighs, leather skirts for any occasion and for any figure.

Although designers have preferred average cut length skirts, that does not mean half feet must stay covered. So slit skirts become celebrities managed to maintain the idea of ​​sensuality. These cuts create a dramatic effect, especially if midi skirts with a pen cut as thin elongated silhouette.

Party Skirts
Continuing the idea of ​​lust, and they line skirts spent discovers legs through a slit formed by parties who pass one another. The model is new this year, even though it was part of the summer trends. Novelty is on skirt length, which is now up to the knee, with a high waist, and the cut, which is again inspired by the skirts pen.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Fashion Trends For Fall : "trashy" clothes

Clothes that seem to be unfinished are favorites of many women when it comes to outfits "trashy" look those sites that exudes a vibe of a fan of indie-rock bands. If you're not the type to walk their clothes perfectly, then this trend will you come like a glove. market in Romania, two brands were stated in Chapter clothes unfinished, and they are whisper and manure

. Dresses that Desire, sport shirts sweaters without seams or holes are perfect for both casual outputs, and those with friends in a club or at an event, that if you want a appearance statement. In the summer clothes are asymmetrical cuts the trends and can be worn anytime with anything, but especially leather items: pencil skirts, pants or jackets and coats - by night coolness. In addition, long gowns and short in front to back, with the top Desire, as you will see in the gallery below, are the perfect alternative to mini clothes. For many people, this land exudes sensuality and a strong personality.

What is right, a woman with clothes torn, but with the right attitude, attention. But the secret sits in a chic combination of items: clothes torn by elements of denim , leather or something ultra feminine, as is the veil. The idea is to not go to the gothic look youthful, but the careless style. You can wear tops cropuite without hem, a pair of "boyfriend jeans" and a pair of classic shoes with heels for an outing with friends or a slick dress with a pair of boots.A slightly longer shirt goes even wore a pair of denim shorts pantalni but stylistic idea is to stick, sloppy front pants.

These shirts can be worn with skinny jeans, but a recommended look, something more elegant and feminine, is a sweat shirt material, unfinished, with a slim white pants and heels. however, does not mean you can not lead the trend to another level, a chic and feminine. Same jersey tracksuit can be worn even with sequins or leather pencil skirt, and another model is flounced skirt. The key to success is to match it kept the parts that have not been associated so far as parts of tracksuits with skin.